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I have been into fitness and weghtlifting for about 7 years now and along my journey there has been a lot of ups and downs. The process of gaining muscle can be a tedious and slow process, especially for a natural weightlifter. (No Steroids)

When I initially started taking lifting weights seriously I had just lost about 100 pounds and I didn’t like the way I looked after I lost the weight. I also didn’t know about nutrition which plays an important role in losing weight, as well as gaining muscle and just overall health.

Over the years and through personal experience and trial and error I have put on a significant amount of muscle. I’ve tried different products and supplements to help along this journey, some worked and some didn’t help at all.

My fitness life

My fitness journey started by accident, it started as a bet between friends about who can lose the most weight in a 12 week period. I lost 50 pounds in that time period. I won the bet of course, but I wasn’t finished. I wanted to see how far I could go. I lost 90 pounds in a 6 month period, which I was happy about, but I was miserable. I was almost starving myself towards the end because I was consuming very little calories.

When it was all said and done I lost a total of 102 pounds, but to do that in that short of a time frame just isn’t a healthy way to live. So I started the process of slowly gaining the weight back and lifting weights and trying to gain muscle.

Gaining weight went against everything I was aiming for at this time, but I’m glad I did it. After my first bulking phase (gaining weight), which lasted about 5 months, I gained about 30 pounds back. At the end of this 5 months I looked better and felt better than I did after initially losing all of the weight.

Then I started the process of dieting and losing some of the fat I gained while trying to gain muscle. This time around I did it the right way, I wasn’t starving myself, and I actually enjoyed the process.

I’ve done this several times now and I’ve learned a lot about weight lifting techniques, nutrition and different supplements that has helped me along the way.

Good Luck on your journey


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